Lucy's Top 5 Moments from The Oscars

Most definitely the most interesting Oscars I've ever seen! I was having flash backs to Miss Universe all over again! 😂😂

With all the drama going are my top 5 moments from The Oscars!! And let me tell you this was so hard because there were some amazing if I missed some of your favs....LET ME KNOW!! 

1. Um duh.....candy from the ceiling....YES PLEASE!! 😍😍

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2. Okay...personally I thought this was the coolest thing EVER!!! I would've completely passed out before meeting any stars because I would've been too excited!! haha What did you think?

O and Gary and his fiance were most definitely my favorite! haha

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3. I absolutely love Viola Davis and her acceptance speech.....EPIC! She said before the show her acceptance speech would come from the heart.....let's just say this was the most heartfelt ever! You go Viola!!


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4. It happened after the award show was over but during her press conference Emma Stone was a rockstar when it came to her response to the Best Picture Mistake! Reason #6,948,739 why I love Emma! haha 😂😂

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5. And of course I had to put the biggest mistake in Oscar history as part of my top five! haha

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On the bright side...Steve Harvey may get less crap for his mess up! haha (or not) 

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