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Well, Miss America announced big changes for the future and it is causing lots of controversy!! I mean personally, I think this change is so exciting! But first, let's talk about the the Board of Trustees of the Miss America Organization announced changes for the 2019 Miss America Competition saying that the contestants will no longer be judged on outward physical appearance. This means the change of two portions of competition...swimsuit and evening wear.
In place of the swimsuit competition each contestant will participate in a live interactive session with the judges, where she will highlight her achievements and goals in life and how she will use her talents, passion and ambition to perform the job of Miss America.
Evening wear will now give contestants the freedom to show off their self-confidence in evening attire of their choosing while discussing how they will advance their social impact initiatives. So needless to say when they say Miss America 2.0 they really mean a new age of Miss America. For the full release of information head over to the Miss America website.

Now, here's the deal...what comes next is my personal opinion so no, you may not agree with me but hey that's why it's called a PERSONAL OPINION. People may say well she says that because she never won and she's just bitter still...nah I'm not bitter, never was. Over the years I've seen so much potential for this program, a program that has done so much for me, and I want to see it succeed and like it or not....girls just aren't as interested in competing anymore and I think this change may help! Soooo lessgooo...

When new leadership came about this past year, I knew the first change that would be happening was swimsuit...yes I know, Miss America started as a swimsuit competition but hey, it's 2018, after over 95 years, change can be a good thing ya know?! Having competed in this organization for many years, I've had a love/hate relationship with the swimsuit competition...I loved going on stage to show off all the hard work I've put into my body but at the same time many people said I had a strange body shape or I was too athletic looking or unproportionate. For the first few years, I'm not going to lie it was crushing because I would stand in front of the mirror in my swimsuit and think I wasn't fit enough....yes, I will say when I first started off I was a little thicker than I wanted to be but by the end of competing I honestly can say I was crushing my physical fitness....and guess what it still wasn't good enough. 

I would be backstage at state watching girls eat minimal food, or super strict diets to stay lean or even going all out cleansing their body in anyway possible which honestly is tmi so let's move on...haha But, seriously is that what a program like Miss America should be teaching young women? That the only way to win a title is to be super fit and toned and "skinny". If you look at a titleholder within her year, whether it's Miss America, Miss Ohio or any local title do you ever see them make an appearance in a bikini? I haven' why should someone be judged on their bikini body? I think it should be about just health in general. Not one person on this world has the same body type so why judge on the outward appearance of it...that's when women start to compare themselves to others...don't deny it ladies we've all done it! I don't believe someone should be physically fit just because they are's a lifestyle that you should WANT to carry out on the reg! When I ended my pageant career I was so burnt out from being in "swimsuit training" that I had to take a break.....that should never happen! Be the kind of physically active and fit that is for your body a yoga gal? Great! Are you someone who loves to pump iron....well awesome! You do you!! I will say it was nice to have gotten into the best shape possible but sadly the only thing on my mind while doing that was the fact that it needed to be done to be able to get the job of Miss Ohio...that should never be why someone gets in shape! 

Changing the evening wear competition actually surprised me! Although I think it's awesome! I wasn't one that wanted to spend loads and loads on a gown for a wear it once and then collects dust in your closet until you decide to sell it for half of what you got it for? Eh....not worth it! I love that this new era of Miss America is allowing girls to express themselves in whatever evening attire you want because not everyone is a gown and 6" heels kinda girl!

When it comes down to the new form of competition....I've always thought it was a bummer that I didn't have enough time to express why I was right for the job when it came to the 10 minutes of time you interview with the judges...the fact that you now get more interaction with the judges, an opportunity to literally tell them why you are perfect for the job is so exciting! I'm pumped to see what this change will bring, I encourage anyone who has ever wanted to try it to go for it! If you didn't think you could win because you weren't a's your chance to show the world that this change was needed...I think we are going to have some unbelievable epic Miss America's to come with this change! And I'm sure there are more changes that will happen before the end of all of this because it's a process.

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